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Potenco Properties
Selling your home or looking for a new home to buy?   

We are at your service! 

Fly to Cape Town, South Africa 

You only need your suitcase to come to South Africa, because everything you need you can buy here. 
Although this is a difficult period to make a major investment is does present opportunities to buy really outstanding properties for a reasonable amount. We remain positive and while life is full of ups and downs we keep on working, looking for the perfect homes for our prospective buyers. 
With an international airport close by, good schools, excellent hospitals and prices that are much lower than in Europe, Somerset West is the place to spend time at, be it in a newly purchased home or a temporary rented one, Potenco Properties will be proud to show you around. 
Excellent golf courses and the sea within view just add to the reason to own a home in the Helderberg Basin. Criminality is all over the world, so that should not be an issue to stay away and enjoy the quality of life which is much higher than in Europe. 
Wake up nearly every day to the sun, with a view of the Helderberg mountains and sea of False Bay.
If you want to rent first, we do have some houses for rental......Just ask us.

Somerset West
Cape Town
South Africa

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